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Today, we're going to cover the things that you need to consider 

if you're going to be selling in a hot seller's market.


Now the first thing that we see all the time is homeowners 

that have no plan as to where they're going to go next 

If you're thinking about making a move 

and selling your house, it has to be for more than just money 

because more often than not, if you're selling in this market, 

you're going to be buying in the same market unless you have a plan of 

living abroad, living abroad or living out of an RV.


Those are going to be the only real exceptions to that.


You're going to be making a lateral move when it comes to finances. 

So when you need to take a look at selling, 

you need to have a plan as to where you're going to go next.


We talk to sellers all the time who have no idea just how quick a market 

this really is and how fast they can get an offer on their house.


And the next thing they know is they're in a rush to try 

and find another house and not have a plan for it.


There also are programs that we have available 

that will help you to buy your new home first, make the move and then sell that home.


Next, sell the home after it's staged and prepped and completely prepared 

for the market. And best of all, you don't even have to be in the house during that time and process  

because you're already moved on, you're already in the new house.


The other thing you want to consider is what's the reason behind the move?


Is it to get into a single storey home because you're in a two storey right now and you possibly are getting older

and you don't want to deal with stairs anymore and you don't have the room to put a an elevator in or 

one of those little escalator chairs, so that can be a driving factor.


It can be the fact that the kids have left the house.


It can be the fact that the kids are moving back to the house and with their kids.


Or it could be, you know, that you just you're ready to retire enjoy your golden years and now you want the trophy house.


We have all that available here. But the first thing you need to consider is the why 

and have a complete and concrete plan put together as to exactly where you're going to go next.


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